10 Quick Tips for a more Eco-friendly Breakfast in your Hotel

Reduce waste, energy and harmful emission by adopting these easy and quick measures:

1) Use refillable jars for jam, honey and butter instead of individual packages.Breakfast

2) Use large cereal pots instead of portion packed cartons.

3) Supplement in small portions to minimize left-overs.

4) Introduce an (partially) a la carte breakfast instead of a buffet to minimize left-overs.

5) Collect food left-overs and, if possible, donate this to local food banks.

6) Choose savory vegetarian options to replace some of the meat and cheese, such as avocado, mushroom spread or eggplant spread.

7) Offer several options of fresh tea leaves instead of packaged tea bags, to provide a surprising alternative and reduce packaging waste.

8) Provide sugar pots and salt and pepper shakers on the table instead of individual sachets.

9) Use locally grown products and fruits and vegetables of the season.

10) Complement your breakfast with a healthy, fulfilling selection to keep your guests fit and energetic.

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